Donate to our Veterans

Wheelco will match dollar-for-dollar of all donations made to the Wyakin Foundation during our Veterans Appreciation Week.* The Wyakin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving wounded and injured veterans through education, development, and guidance. Our Veterans Day Appreciation Weeks is November 12-17, 2018. 

Please select the dropdown option of Team Up With Wheelco for your donation to be included in the Wheelco donation match. 


Donate Today!

Donate online easily and securely. Each donation of $150 or more can receive a commemorative Wheelco & Wyakin hat, listing and link to their business on the Wyakin's website, social media promotions, email promotion to the Wyakin's mailing list and post-event recognition. Ask one of our sales representatives for more information. 

"Battle Tested. Business Ready."

Wheelco is a proud supporter of our military troops and their families. We believe in giving back to those who've served our country. We understand that after these fine men and women have served our country they may need help in the transition from military to civilian life. 

Through academic support, earning a career, growing professional networks, achieving financial freedom, and even finding purpose can be difficult. That's why we've teamed up with the Wyakin Foundation. 

The Wyakin Foundation focus is on strength rather than struggle. They emphasize the process of applying the cultural strengths of the veteran experience – discipline, loyalty, selflessness – to create success in the academic setting as a precedent for success beyond. We serve the men and women who have served us through expert professional and leadership development, strategic networking support, academic and career planning, and project management experiences designed to fully prepare wounded and injured veterans for fulfilling post-military careers through development of critical skill sets as well as renewed sense of purpose and self-identity.

*Rules and regulations: Wheelco is not responsible for collecting and handling donations, contributions, financial and or charitable contributions to the Wyakin Foundation. All donations made online are advertised as safely and securely Wyakin Foundation.Wheelco will match dollar-for-dollar of all contributions made during our Appreciation Week to the Wyakin Foundation up to an amount of five thousand dollars. For questions or more information about contributions, please contact Amy Akins, Director of Development at 208.853.6001 or